Diamonds that outline a bud shape. Emotions that outline a blooming love. Get your hands on this beautiful gift before someone else does.Buy online at GRT jewels.
2. A diamond delight with the grace of platinum.
3.A single quote carved out from a drop. Or you can call it a comma that makes a style statement.
 4. Diamonds and Platinums and a perfect blend of love and longing. Here's a surefire Valentine Gift carved in waves to meet your wavelengths.
5. Serenity Platinum with Diamonds ... for those who seek and believe in eternal love.
6. A Platinum Pendant at Rs.9962 (3 Feb 2014). A white metal that symbolises that your love for her is pure and true.
 7. Say it with Diamonds and a dashing freshness of Platinum in matte. Since your love is as pure as white.
8. Misty Mornings and Dew Drops are epitomes of an aura of romance. This pendant is sure to bring a twinkle in her eyes, as you press this little gift into her hands.
9. A circle has no ends. Much like the love you have for your valentine. Celebrate endless love with this unique pendant.

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