designer long gundla haram

Three steps of gold beaded chains is a usual style of gundlamala. CMR exclusive have thought beyod this traditional patterns.
Swirls of gold globules add culture to this accessory while the Lakshmi catch as an afterthought puts forth an universal expression piece.  Long matching hoops likewise reverberation the favorable Indian colours of green, white and red, and are created in universal method.and they have attached another layer of chain with grand work studded with rubies giving it a perfect border. and then they strung these forr chains with temple lakshmidevi pendent. you can feel the uneven length where left pendent and right locket are located. this is little unusal  but the design has to be appreciated.

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Unknown said... 12 August 2018 at 19:00

Pls let us know net weight and cost of Lakshmi Gold Gundla mala

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