Add a touch of sparkle and make a striking statement with these dazzling diamond bangles.

Weight : 59.14 gms
Price : Rs. 11,14,447.00 (12-08-13)

 An exquisite tribute to the timeless tradition of Hyderabad...jewellery designs of bangles inspired from the Jewels of Nizam

Weight : 52.72 gms
Price : Rs. 3,76,194.00 (12-08-13)

Wedding Bells ringing around the corner? Compliment your bridal wear with these traditional Bridal Diamond Bangles...
Weight : 49.25 gms
Price : Rs. 7,85,027.00 (08-08-13)

 Groove all night flaunting these beautifully crafted bangles decorated with Zircon stones

Weight : 48.50 gms.
Price : Rs. 1,58,466.00 (09-08-13)

 Turn up the sparkle in her eyes with these dazzling and traditional designer bangles studded with diamonds.

Weight : 48.49 gms
Price : Rs. 7,88,897.00

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