Poetry inspired by the seven vows and cast in gold - seven gold chains with fine gold beads descending from two sculpted paisleys. Each chain is a perfect representation of the bond initiated by each of the seven vows.
 Beautifully crafted necklace with seven layers of beads and seven petalled flower is a perfect reminder of the seven vows forged over fire.
 Inspired by a promise that lasts not one but seven lifetimes - beautifully crafted gold beads are strung together to form seven rows of gold chains. Each row culminates in a circular element, forming an exquisite asymmetric piece. Magnificent, isn't it?
 A medallion pendant suspends itself gracefully between seven rows of gold beads sculpted in elegant nakashi work. Each chain is a beautiful representation of the seven promises of lifelong togetherness shared by every couple.
 Inspired by the designs of temple jewellery, seven chains of antique-finish gold beads form the frame for flowers in gold with green enamel in the centre. Seven red drops in gold that fall from this frame reflect the colours of the sacred fire.
 Seven rows of ghungroo beads are held together by seven strings of gold to bring alive the seven vows.

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