bengali traditional wedding jewellery consists of nath, chur,kaan bali,kaan,jhumka,ratan chur,bala tikli,paati haar etc. See below for more Bengali wedding jewellery designs

Nath (Nose ring):
Nath or nose ring ornaments are worn by piercing nose. It gives a very feminine look. In Bengali culture its tradition to wear a big sized Nath or nose ring. The bigger the ring, the higher is the status.

Check below link for
beautiful nath or nose ring designs

Tiaraa (head jewellery)

Tikli is a traditional Bengali forehead ornament worn by Bengali brides on the middle parting of her hair
Chick below link for Beautiful Tikli designs  

Jhumko or Jhumka 

Jhumka are beautful ear jewellery. click here for Beautiful jhumka designs

 Kaan bala

These are round chandelier earrings and are called as chnad bali 
click here to see beautiful kaan bala earrings

 Ratan chur

Ratan chur is hand ornaments worn on wrist to finger. these are called hath phool

                                                Chur (Bangle)

Chur is a broad bangle. click here to see beautiful chur designs

It is a ear jewellery which covers the entire ear

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