Have you heard of your Mom or Grand mom talking about Yedu Varahala Nagalu,seven week jewellery of indian tradition. Ever Wondered what they are and what is their significance.. Here is some info about it..
In olden days king and their families use to wear this edu vaarala nagalu.By wearing these, people would benefit from the positive aspects of the planetary influences and bad influences would be reduced. Health, wealth and prosperity, peace of mind, happiness could be got by this.So let's see which planet n gems belongs to which day..Below are picture of the jewellery..

Sunday: Sun God: relates to ur spirit: 
jewellery:   Ruby jewellery ,studs

Monday: Moon God: relates to your heart
jewellery: pearl long necklace, Bangles

Tuesday: Kuja God : relates to your power
jewellery: Coral necklace, Rings

Wednesday: Budha God: relates to your sense
jewellery: Emarald pendent set, Bangles
Thursday: Bruhaspathi: relates to knowledge
jewellery: Pushyaragama Kammalu, ring

Friday: Shukrudu: relates to fertility
jewellery: Diamond Necklace, nose stud

Saturday: Shani: relates to your life span
jewellery: Neelamani Maniharalu

Hence the ornaments r wore depending on their jataka charam.
if certain planets r not gud in their jatakam,they r not suppose to wear them.so i suggest al my friends (who believe in astrology) to be careful while wearing proper stones.

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