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Here are the details of Marathi jewellery

Own the charming and stylish Sari, a uniquely crafted traditional Maharashtrian ornament made from pure gold single tar (wire). The Sari will look great on your traditional Maharashtrian sari or on a contemporary dress, both.

Karwari Nath
This elegant nose ring called Karwari Nath is a cultural emblem belonging to the Maharashtrian border which is close to Karnataka. Hence it has a hint South Indian design elements as well. This piece is studded with pearls called Basra Moti which are as beautiful as rare to find. Its beauty is enhanced with the help of a Ruby.

This is one another design of Karwari nath !

Brahmani Nath
Intricately designed nose ring called Brahmani Nath is a much loved ornament in Maharashtra especially in Kokan and Western Maharashtra. This classic piece is studded with pearls called Basra Moti which are as beautiful as rare to fin 

Jondhali Haar
Jondhale Haar, a stunning necklace that represents one of the Maharashtra’s main grains. i.e jawari. Simple yet stylish, this piece is sure to enhance your grace and beauty. 

Kolhapuri Saaj
Add a fascinating history to your jewellery collection with Kolhapuri Saaj, an emblem of grandeur. This exquisitely crafted Maharastrian ornament is used as an option for Mangalsutra. The pendant named ‘Dorala’ is studded with ruby. Kirti Mukh pretects from evil negativities. The eagle motif represents Shakti or power. Kasav or turtle symbolises the auspicious. Masa or fish stands for purity and Vagh Nakhe or Tiger Nails for bravery. Own Kolhapuri Saaj and flaunt it in style!
  Belpan Vajratik
Own a timeless traditional Maharashtrian masterpiece designed to be cherished as generations go by. Belpan Vjratik, inspired by nature, combines belache pan (bel leaf) motif and jondhale mani with magnificent craftsmanship and classic beauty. Leave a lasting impression with this legendary creation

Mohan Mall
Bedazzle in this exquisite creation with carved Maharashtrian and Belgaum style mani and a graceful Sun pendant. We have a range of Mohan Maals from delicate 2 stringed pieces to heavy 11 stringed ones. Come, take your pick! 
 Surya Haar
Bask in the glory of traditional Maharashtrian Surya Haar with a unique motif of Sun’s rays. The Kirti Mukh will act as your protective shield from the surrounding negativities. Wouldn’t you be proud to own this traditional prized possession of the rich and prestigious families?
This glorious traditional Maharashtrian jewellery piece is a beautiful blend of Jondhale mani and Krushna Lila Nakshi inside the W shaped design. It is 22 carat gold KDM jewellery made with the help of an old traditional die. Its base is in red cloth.  
 Putali haar
The royal and grand Kolhapur comes alive with this magnificent Putali Haar, a traditional Kolhapuri ornament. Woven in a thread, decorated with intricate carvings of Laxmi and Ram-Seeta and highlighted with a ruby pendant, this piece will dazzle around your neck like a golden marvel. Come have a glimpse.
 Chinchpeti Haar
This popular traditional masterpiece is a combination of Kirti Mukh and Matsya Print. The Kirti Mukh protects the wearer from negative vibrations and the Matsya Pri
nt signifies and enhances purity of thought.
This ornament made with the help of the old die is strikingly beautiful and adds glory and grace to the appearance. 

 Chafekali haar
The flower themed Chafekali Haar is a series of frangipani buds (Chafyachya Kalya) which look grand in their golden glory. The haar looks like a flower garland (gajra). The red stones are used to enhance the beauty. 

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